Mission of the Wooden Housing Association

Today, after 17 years, there are more than 75 companies in the Association of Wooden House Building. We value every partner - be it the smallest company or a transnational giant. Each participant has a significant contribution to the use of all the possibilities of the Association, if desired, makes a feasible contribution to the activities of the entire community. We are grateful to those heads of companies who have been active participants in all events for 17 years.

The Wooden Housing Association is actively involved in the activities of state structures, works with local authorities, cooperates with committees for physical culture and sports, agriculture, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc. Members of the Association work as part of the technical committee No. 465 "Construction", TC No. 144 "Building materials", Committee for Wooden Housing of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The interests of the WHA are represented in the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Industry on the production of building materials, machinery and equipment for construction and housing and communal services. An application has been submitted for participation in the Public Council under the Federal Forestry Agency.

We attract credit and insurance institutions to the industry, improve conditions for business, and help to increase the literacy of the population in the acquisition and operation of wooden housing.

Our tasks

  • increase in the market of wooden housing construction;
  • elaboration of state support measures;
  • updating the regulatory framework;
  • formation of affordable lending;
  • promotion through mass media;
  • popularization among architects;
  • association with the architectural professional community to increase the design with the use of timber structures;
  • development of market manufacturability;
  • popularization of new technologies through training, pilot projects, mass media;
  • reducing the discrediting of technologies;
  • information transparency of the market of wooden housing construction;
  • development, implementation and promotion of own independent accreditation and rating systems;
  • formation of an accessible information platform;
  • formation of fair competition and business rules;
  • examination of the activities of the association's members with the publication of the results;
  • marketing research

The WHA is a professional community of partners who are actively interested in the development of wooden housing construction in Russia!

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